Five Reasons to consider a Reel Lawn Mower

Back inside the old days, a people-powered push reel lawn mower was all anyone had. Gas and electric mowers weren't an alternative. But then these present day replacements came along, and soon the push mower became one thing of an antiquated notion.

Thanks for the environmental movement although there has been a renewed interest in people-powered mowers, and really several reel mowers are in the marketplace these days, a lot of of fantastic excellent that could final with minimal upkeep for years and years. And if you have priced gas mowers lately, you'll almost certainly be pleasantly surprised at how cost-effective these guys are (the top rated with the line models rarely go above $200, and you'll be able to buy new ones for much less than $100).

I am a reel mower owner myself, so I can speak from encounter as I offer you a few reasons to consider a reel mower:

five Factors You may Desire to Get a Reel Lawn Mower

Nr1. Reel mowers are eco-friendly and sustainable.

Maybe 1 of the principal causes folks go for reel mowers is they've read about how horrible for the environment a gas-powered mower is. Giving off far more carbon emissions than a vehicle (in contrast to having a auto, you don't have to take your lawn mower in for an annual inspection), gas mowers are environmental pollutants for the extreme.

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Nr2. Reel mowers are quiet.

Along with getting un-eco-friendly, gas mowers are also noisy and annoying for your neighbors. You have doubtlessly had the knowledge oneself: you are outside enjoying a sunny day, perhaps puttering within the garden or reading a book, and the subsequent door neighbor fires up the lawn mower for an hour of noise making. It's difficult to relax with that going on!

A push mower does not make any noise.

Nr3. Maintenance can be a snap.

Even when you are not a green freak, you will appreciate how straightforward a reel mower is and how quick it can be to maintain. There is no fuel to be purchased, no oil to be changed, no spark plugs, air filters, fuel filters, etc. and so on. etc. Every couple of years, you might must sharpen the blades, but that's about it!

Nr4. Pushing a reel mower is good for you and your lawn.

Modern day reel mowers are actually fairly easy to use, and I'm not positive pushing mine is substantially (if any) tougher than pushing a heavier gas-powered mower, but recognizing you are cutting the grass by your personal efforts, tends to make you really feel pretty very good.

Also, research show that a reel mower is superior for the lawn also. The blades operate differently than with a gas mower (snipping, including with scissors, rather than tearing) and are better for the grass. On golf courses, they essentially use reel mowers (albeit pulled by tractors) to cut their big lawns, mainly because they've identified them to keep the grass healthier and much better seeking!

Nr5. Reel mowers do not get additional pricey to work with down the line.

When gas was up to $5 a gallon, you almost certainly began to feel twice about getting some just to pour into mowing your lawn. What does a lawn do, immediately after all, except appear great? As I write this gas rates are lower, but there is no telling what the future will bring. The people who study peak oil are pretty convinced that we're close to an era where demand will outstrip provide. Why have all these tools within your garage that need gas to make use of whenever you can pick an eco-friendly, non-noise-polluting, human-powered option that will in no way get much more pricey to work with?

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